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KC Group Mission is to create a community services program to cater to Indo-Canadian families in Canada. And Execute following services to empower and enable communities to actively participate in: 

- Business Networking

- Career and Jobs counseling

- Social Support Group

- Matrimonial Support

- Help new Immigrants

- Youth Groups and kids Camps

- Promote Indian Food, Art and Culture

- Celebrate Holi, Diwali and Picnic each year

- Annual Blood Donation, Tree Plantation & Food Drive

- Support to Youth Mental Health– RBC Run for Kids 


KC Group's Vision is to preserve our cultural heritage, and impart educational services, scientific spirituality and life styles to our youth. 

- Build business ties through networking, to bring about economic growth to our community 

- Formation of viable businesses that would generate employment for the community

- Build family ties, which leads to the continuity of the community

- KC Group is open to everyone who wants to be socially connected and serve to help our society. 


Events Calendar

Our Sponsors.

We are honoured to have partnered with a variety of sponsors and are grateful for their support of KC Group and the communities they serve.  

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