About Us

KC Group is a Non-Profit cultural organization that was started in the year 2003. It was incorporated in the year 2003.The KC group is a social organization for all those staying in and around Canada and is committed to bringing families and individuals together with a rich cultural and historical heritage. KC Group also conducts six annual events (Tree Plantation, Blood Donation Camp, Food Drive, Diwali, Holi and Picnic). KC group promotes the culture of giving back to society and developing the youth.

It is an assemblage for all those who have a compatriot living in them. The KC Group is for the people who believe that

“Let friendship be the bridge to have a better nation and a better world.”

The KC Group is for positive social change. We bring people together from all walks of life who want to play a part in creating a happier society for everyone. A need was sensed to craft a group of people to gratify all Indian families in Canada.

The thought is to lend a hand through networking and grow communities as a strong growing society. We call for all the senior citizens to come forward to give their suggestions. The Group also requests all others to award their proposition and views as well. In this endeavor, we need abet from all.